Elevating humanity’s consciousness
one person at a time.

The Primed Foundation is dedicated to expanding consciousness, helping people heal through trauma, and improving emotional health & well-being through supporting innovative approaches to scientific research, education, and social-emotional development practices.

our approach
We believe that we have only just begun to understand the fields of neuroscience and mental & emotional health. We fund and supporting traditional and non-conventional research, helping reveal the potential and possibilities this research will bring.
Through innovative discoveries, we plan to educate and empower individuals with information and resources to help cultivate personal healing, growth, and transformation.
The Primed Foundation partners with other organizations to help facilitate practical solutions to real-world problems. Through improving education programs and health practices, we hope to create relief and connection for individuals and communities regardless of socio-economic circumstances.
When emergencies happen, we respond by partnering with organizations to support people’s most basic survival needs. We recognize this is a critical component in accessing long-term emotional healing & wellness.
our vision
A world where all people are empowered to heal & transform their suffering and to live emotionally stable, healthy, and fulfilling lives.